„Hardi caters to everone’s needs and helps you to move forward – as a teacher and a coach!“


Drum lessons for any age – on drum kits and other percussion instruments

drums & more - Schlagzeug- und Trommelunterricht für jedes Alter

drums & more provides drum lessons for all ages and skill levels.

Beginners can familiarise themselves with their new instrument in a fun and playful way. More advanced students can improve their individual technique, groove and skills as a drummer. Everybody is welcome: children (from age 8 and up) who want to explore different drumming and percussion instruments playfully, adolescents who want to play gigs with their bands, experienced drummers who want to take their hobby to the next level or even play professionally – and of course, adults who have always wanted to play can finally let themselves loose at the drum kit!

Let’s play!

In our drum lessons we use proven, modern teaching methods. Besides practical learning of technical musical skills, we put the emphasis on letting creativity flow playfully and developing every individual’s musical personality.

Each student’s individual goals and possibilities are the foundation of their lessons. The student can determine their own path and speed of learning. drums & more – Workshops and group sessions are available to everyone. So… let’s play!

drums & more - Einfach trommeln

Drum lesson topics and focus areas

  • timing
  • band coaching
  • latino
  • hip hop
  • style
  • fills
  • foot technique
  • rock
  • odd meters
  • groove
  • improvising
  • beats
  • stick technique
  • listening
  • coordination
  • jazz
  • swing
  • reading music

Our lessons

Regular lessons

Individual lessons: One lesson of 45 min. or 30 min. per week
Groups of two or three students can also be arranged

Compact courses/packages

Individual lessons of 60 minutes, scheduled individually

  • 5 lesson package
  • 10 lesson package

No lessons are held during school holidays in Berlin.



Studio Nord
In Reinickendorf – close to Kurt-Schumacher-Platz

Studio Süd
Neukölln – close to S-Bhf Sonnenallee

Detailed address with directions available upon request!

All our studios are bright and equipped with various drum kits and a professional sound system. A number of other types of drums (djembes, congas, bongos, surdos etc.) and percussion instruments are also available for lessons.